Eating Abroad:

- Kauai, HI -

EAT Healthy


Two words. One restaurant. Every meal of the day. Eat Healthy. Let me tell you something: if you are a vegan and you have been finding it difficult to eat at any of the local restaurants in Kaua’i, (1) where have you been?! Check out the other reviews of vegan-friendly restaurants on the island! And (2) Eat Healthy is the answer to your prayers! I kid you not, this restaurant was our favorite place to eat during our recent trip. Eat Healthy has breakfast, lunch, and dinner items as well as all-day dishes that you can have anytime. As if that wasn’t good enough, Eat Healthy is an 100% vegan restaurant. That’s right, one-hundred-percent!!! And no, the meals aren’t limited to just smoothie bowls and juices. Eat Healthy Cafe offers a wide variety of classic dishes for every meal of the day. They even have plenty of gluten-free options as well.


The restaurant is located just off the main Prince Kuhio Highway in the historic Kapa’a district just past a Safeway grocery store. As you pull into the parking lot, you immediately see what looks to be a couple of house-like structures that are surrounded by beautiful flowers, succulents, and plenty of roosters, chickens, and chicks. Just outside the restaurant you can see a large “Eat Healthy” sign that is filled with plants. The restaurant has outdoor seating in a semi-enclosed area with plenty of tables and umbrellas for shade. Although the dining area is surrounded by a hedge, plants, and palm trees, roosters and chickens will still fly in and peck around for a snack. So don’t be surprised if you get to hear a rooster cooing and hens clucking around. They are very comfortable with people! Just in case they do get a little bit too close, however, the restaurant provides every table with a spray bottle filled with water to deter the birds from coming near your food. The owner of Eat Healthy used to be a high-end fashion designer in NYC who became a vegan for his love of animals, and decided to align his work with his passion. And we are so glad that he did!


As mentioned earlier, Eat Healthy has an expansive menu with plenty of options for everyone. Matias and I ended up eating at Eat Healthy a total of three or four times during our latest trip to Kaua’i. On the first two occasions, we went for breakfast. And allow me to say that the breakfast we ate at Eat Healthy was the best breakfast we’ve had in Kaua’i and by far the best breakfast I’ve had at any restaurant since becoming vegan. The first time we went to the restaurant, we ordered the banana macadamia pancakes and the tofu scramble with ‘bacon,’ greens, bruschetta, and hollandaise sauce. Since the kitchen has a window open to the dining area, you can smell everything that is being prepared, and the smell of the pancakes was heavenly. I never imagined such a mind blowing combination like banana and macadamia nuts paired with homemade syrup. The pancakes were the perfect texture and fluffy AF. The second and third times we visited we ordered the same breakfast, and added the bagel with cream cheese, which I couldn’t believe were vegan. The ‘cream cheese’ was amazing and whipped to perfection. On our fourth trip, we decided to get lunch - and try as much food as possible. So we ended up ordering the Tempeh Bacon BLT Sandwich, which came with tempeh ‘bacon’ (the same used in the tofu scramble), lettuce, tomatoes, and vegan mayonnaise, sandwiched between whole wheat bread and served with greens; we also ordered the stuffed mushroom appetizer, that are mushrooms stuffed with delicious veggies, cashew ‘cheese’ and topped with a vegan butter cream sauce; and (yes, one more thing!) the tofu charmoula, a dinner platter with raita, dark chili pepper oil, served with a purple potato samosa topped with banana chutney.

If all of that doesn’t make your mouth water, then I don’t know what will! Simply put, the food as Eat Healthy was beyond all of my expectations and it serves as a testament to what vegan food can be. For all the vegans and non-vegans reading this, I hope you all get the chance to go visit this restaurant. It really is worth your time. I sincerely hope that more restaurants around the U.S. and around the world start embracing how good plants can be with some creative cooking. Thanks, Eat Healthy - next time we’re in Kaua’i you know we will definitely be back! Aloha and Mahalo!