Eating Abroad:

- Kauai, HI -

Kilauea Bakery & Pizza


On the third day of our trip to Kauai, Matias and I were quite exhausted, so we decided to stay local and find a restaurant nearby our AirBnB in Princeville. After a quick Yelp search, we chose to make a short drive south to Kilauea and pay a visit to the Historic Kong Lung Center as it is home to a few of the restaurants from our research. After walking around the center to check out some of the restaurant, we stopped at Kilauea Bakery & Pizza. The restaurant is very warm and inviting, with hanging lights, indoor and outdoor seating, and loads of books for customers to read. Matias and I were welcomed by friendly staff and plenty of options to eat! Although Kilauea Bakery & Pizza isn’t explicitly vegan, they do offer a handful of vegan and vegetarian options.


In fact, they make their vegan pizza with vegan ule (“breadfruit”) cheese for all of us pizza lovers who don’t want the dairy! They also offer delicious gluten-free and vegan baked goods like chocolate coconut guava macaroons that pair great with coffee and tea! Of course I was ecstatic that I could have some pizza, so I ordered a small 11-inch (28 cm) ulu pizza with roasted mushrooms and onions. The woman who took our order notified us that the pizza would take about 20 minutes since they are baked fresh. So, Matias and I went for a quick stroll around the shopping center to checkout the other stores and simply enjoy the beautiful weather. Lucky for us - the wait was over before we knew it and the pizza was ready. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!


The pizza came out hot from the oven, with a golden crust, baked to perfection. The smell of the roasted onions and mushrooms was amazing and I couldn’t wait to dive in for a slice! I will say, if you decide to order the pizza, you might want to wait a couple minutes to let it cool down because I definitely burnt myself by taking a bite too quickly! After I learned the hard way, and let my pizza cool down a little, I was able to thoroughly enjoy a slice of pizza. The combination of crunchy and soft crust, well-seasoned tomato sauce, creamy ule vegan cheese, and the roasted veggies really hit the spot and got me full with just three slices!


Kilauea Bakery & Pizza is one of the restaurants that I wish I could come across whenever I’m away from home. This may sound silly, but sometimes all I crave is just a slice of pizza and this restaurant truly delivers. Especially because it offers pizza for vegans and non-vegans alike. Although it can be a little bit pricy in comparison to your average pizza delivery service, the pizza at Kilauea Bakery & Pizza is definitely worth it at least once. So if you’re looking for a good spot close to the North Shore, I highly recommend Kilauea Bakery & Pizza. We certainly will be visiting again before we head back home.