Local Restaurant:

- Long Beach, CA -

Hironori Craft Ramen


Ah - the joy of finding a gem of a restaurant when you least expect it. Sometimes I think there’s no comparison…especially when all you’ve been hearing about all winter long is how delicious vegan ramen is. We have literally been trying to go to a vegan ramen place for the last month or so - unsuccessfully. Thank you HiroNori for ending that streak! Matias and I found the perfect place to be when you’re craving some delicious ramen. Located in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach, HiroNori Craft Ramen is a hip and cozy ramen joint that offers both vegan and traditional ramen - in case you have some non-vegan friends that want to join!


The ambience of the restaurant is very warm and inviting, with friendly staff, and great music. The space is not that large, so be prepared to wait around fifteen minutes during busy hours. You have the option to park at the rear of the restaurant or on the street.

For starters, we ordered a side of their delicious edamame which is seasoned with a blend of citrus juices and salt. It was definitely unexpected in a good way. We also had some of the complimentary watermelon, orange, and mint infused waters. Although the vegan options are limited - so are the traditional ones! HiroNori offers a simple, one-page menu with a focus on the two headliner dishes: Tonsoku Ramen (non-vegan) and vegan ramen. Admittedly, this was my first time eating ramen ever. Really. I was never able to eat ramen since even before going vegan because the broth is typically made of pork, which is something that I never ate anyways! Matias on the other hand has had his try at a variety of ramen - as he is the resident non-vegan, non-Halal eater, and even he had good things to say about both dishes HiroNori had to offer.


The vegan ramen features a miso broth, tofu, greens, broccolini, onions, chili oil, and plant-based meat substitute. And of course - the ramen noodles. You have the option to add hot sauce as well, but do so at your own discretion since (despite being flavorful) it can get pretty darn spicy. Even though I didn’t have a point of reference to compare it to, I was really impressed with the vegan ramen. It was delicious and I certainly will be going back. So if you’re ever in Long Beach, make sure to visit HiroNori!